Twinned clubs

Twinned Clubs” are made up of two clubs from different countries, that establish a long-term relationship to promote global goodwill and understanding as well as carry out humanitarian and social projects in their respective communities.

Rotary International promotes club twinning to foster mutual understanding between the members of the clubs involved, the exchange of Rotarian friendship, the exchange of ideas and projects, as well as the exchange of best practices and skills between respective associations.

Nuremberg (Germany)

The last twinning in chronological order was with the Rotary Club of Nuremberg in 1991; it was promoted by our member Raffaele Durante who established contacts with the then President of Nuremberg, Prof. Bartlsperger.

Our referents for the Nuremberg Club are Dr. Klaus. Meyer- Wegener and Dr. Immo Bennevitz.

This is a very active collaboration and very important for us because the Club Nuremberg supports and participates enthusiastically in many of our initiatives.

Among the last ones, we must mention their involvement in the Project for Food and Youth Discomfort of which we report in our projects section.

Many trips have gathered in the last 30 years these two clubs: 1991 in Nuremberg, 1993 in Siena and Chianti, 1998 in Ravenna and Rimini, 1999 in Wurzburg, 2001 in Ferrara and la Foce del Po, 2002 in Regensburg, 2004 in Stresa , 2005 in Berlin, 2007 in Genova, 2008 in Dresda, 2010 in Torino, 2011 in Monca, 2013 in Milano, 2014 in Norimberga, 2016 Mantova, 2017 in Bamberg, and 2019 a Bassano.

Ramat Aviv (Tel Aviv- Israel)

One of our Club’s active twinning is with the Israeli Rotary Club of Ramat Aviv.  The twinning dates back to 1982.

Our contact persons are Dr. Livio Steindleir and Dr. Efraim Danieli (President)

In the past there was a perfect reciprocity with the exchange of messages during the Gulf War, when Tel Aviv bore the indignities of the Iraqi Scuds with the strength not to react.

Recent collaborative projects

Our two Clubs started and completed in 2020, the Project related to the supply of paediatric equipment to the Al Makassed Children’s Hospital in Jerusalem.

Today, a second Project is being planned that intends to implement collaborations and contacts between the Schools in Ramat Aviv and the Casiraghi High School in Cinisello Balsamo, Milan.