The 2041 District

Milan Metropolitan Area

District 2041 brings together the clubs of the metropolitan area of Milan. It includes 50 clubs with a total of approximately 2,450 members.

District 2041 includes the Rotary Club of Milan, the first in the Italian history of Rotary, founded in 1923. In 1925, in Italy, the constitution of the first District in continental Europe, originated from the extraordinary flowering of clubs in the two-year period 1923/25. The heirs of the first Milanese Rotarians are today strongly committed to promoting the ideals of service to society through projects and partner associations.

Some of the most notable initiatives carried out by the District include:

  • Literacy Project: an answer to the problem of illiteracy.
  • Rotary Initiative for Milan, the great portal of Rotary Club projects in the areas of: education, health, environment and society.
  • Protocols of understanding with the Lombardy Region, in the areas of health and Civil Protection.
  • The Rotary activity is developed in several specific areas thanks to the operational collaboration with many Associations Partners in Service.
  • Funding of Peace Scholarships. District 2041 is active in the program, through the funding with Global Grant of the Rotary Foundation.