What is Rotary

It’s Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million men and women entrepreneurs, friends, acquaintances, professionals, and businesspeople who believe in a world where all people, together, promotes positive and lasting change in communities near, far, and in each of us.
Rotary is an association that makes no difference by gender, language, color, religion.
It is open to all adults who demonstrate good character, integrity, and leadership, who enjoy a good reputation in business community, and who are willing to serve their community and/or the world.
Service to their community and/or the world.

Its Philosophy: Service Above All

Rotary is a philosophy of life that seeks to resolve the eternal struggle between the individual’s desire to assert himself or herself and the duty and impulse to serve others. This is the philosophy of Rotary:

Service Above all


Rotary has adopted the WHEEL (Image of the Wheel) as its symbol since its inception.

The Wheel represents “Civilization and Movement.

Inside the Wheel, the keyway allows connection to the drive shaft.

The Presidential Theme

Each year, on 1 July, a new international Rotary president takes office. To summarise his or her international service programme, each president adopts his or her own motto.

Presidential Theme 2022-23

Presidential Theme 2022-2023

RI President-elect Jennifer Jones envisions a Rotary in which members act to realize their dreams and make the most of their club experiences.

She urges members to become more engaged with each other and use their connections to create world-changing partnerships.

Presidential Theme 2021-22

For the Rotary year (A.R.) 2020-2021, President-elect Shekhar Mehta has chosen ‘Serve to change lives’ as his motto.

The Flag

The official flag was adopted at the International Congress of 1929 in Dallas (USA): it has a white background with a cogwheel in the center, the symbol of the Association.

The Object of Rotary

The purpose of Rotary is to promote the value of service, which is the ideal and ideal propeller of every activity, understood as a willingness to be useful service.
It is done in the club, in one’s profession, in one’s community, and in the world community and the world.

First. First, to promote and develop friendly relations among its members so that they are better able to serve the general public.

Second. To inform the principles of the highest rectitudethe professional and business activity, recognizing the dignity of every useful occupation and ensuring that it is exercised in the noblest manner, as a means of noblest manner, as a means of serving the community.

Third. To direct the private, professional, and public activities of each club member toward the ideal of service.

Fourth. To promote international understanding, cooperation and peaceat the international level through the spread of friendly relations throughout the world between persons engaged in business and professions, united in a common purpose and desire to serve.

The Rotary Ethic

Rotary’s code of ethics is expressed by The Four-Way Test: What I think, say and do

  1. Does it answer the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it create goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

This code of conduct was created in 1932 by Herbert Taylor, a member of the Rotary Club of Chicago, as part of its its activities. It was later adopted by Rotary in 1943 and has become a code of conduct for its members to follow in their personal and professional life.
It summarizes the ethical behavior that every Rotarian before deciding what choice to make or what action to take.

Rotary Values


“The purpose of Rotary is to spread the value of Service, which is understood to be as making oneself useful to others, the ideal engine and propeller of every activity.

“Rotary encourages and promotes the application of the value of Rotary encourages and promotes the application of the value of service in personal, professional, and civic life.
Service does not mean giving to charity, just putting your hand in your wallet but removing the causes that lead to doing charity.


In the English language it is expressed by the term “fellowship” and expresses the sodal feeling that unites people who are who are on the same path and share the same goals.
The true friendship (friendship) involves deeper feelings of trust, sympathy, esteem and mutual affection.
Although Friendship with one or more members is often the reason that one or more members is often the reason for joining Rotary, friendship in the true sense of the word in the strict sense of the word, personal acquaintance is necessary, along with Esteem and Respect.
Rotary Friendship is understood as a sense of belonging to the association, sharing the willingness and responsibility to “Serve”.
Rotary ways, to as many people we can.”


It is defined as the ability to make proposals, decisions, organization and implementation, accountability, spirit of innovation, enthusiasm and of innovation, enthusiasm and courage, attitude to communication as a tool to make known to the outside world the association and its actions in favor of those in need.
You need to be able to transfer your leadership skills from the professional world to the Rotary world.
Paradoxically, all too often members are shy, they do not come forward, they do not do not come forward, do not propose themselves for offices and actions, have a a passive attitude that harms the association and its evolution.


The four founders of Rotary came from different countries, belonged to different religious denominations, and and represented different professions – that’s Rotary!

Each club represents a cross-section of society, a sample that reflects the composition of the geographical and social territory to which it belongs, with all the similarities and differences.
The real wealth of Rotary is the variety of professions that make it extraordinary.


This means moral integrity and uprightness.
It is the basis of our behavior in life and work.
Ethics is the verification that thought and action do not conflict with the principles of the common good and the general interest.
Integrity in civic and professional life is the basis of Rotarian Integrity and is the foundation of Rotary’s values in action and relationships among members and is a guarantee of service,

The motto is “Service Above All”

The 5 action way

If the mission of Rotary is to serve, how is this expressed and in what sphere is it realized? Five thematic areas or Action way have been identified through which service is expressed:

  1. Internal Service. It focuses on strengthening relationships and fellowship within the club to ensure the efficient operation of the club.
  2. Vocational Service. It encourages Rotarians to ensure high standards of ethics in their vocations and to value all types of worthwhile work.
    The second aspect is to be of use to others with your professional skills
  3. Public Interest Action. It is concerned with all useful service initiatives to improve the living conditions of its community and territory.
  4. International Action. Includes all humanitarian initiatives to be carried out around the world to promote development, growth, and understanding among peoples.
  5. Youth Action. Addresses youth by recognizing their strategic role in the future. The focus on their growth is through involvement in club service activities, fostering leadership and cultural exchange with young people around the world.

The role of women in Rotary

It all began in 1977 when the RC of Duarte, Calif,  USA, admitted three women as members, violating the RI Constitution’s   which allowed only male members.
Because of the violation, Rotary International canceled the club’s membership.
The case, filed by the Club of Duarte, was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.
United States Supreme Court, which ruled that the exclusion of women from membership was inadmissible.
The judgment was then implemented by the Council of 1989 Council on Legislation, and by the following year, the number of women in Rotary worldwide exceeded 20,000.
Currently there are more than 280 thousand with a percentage of 23.5%.
The entry of women, representing the various professional and entrepreneurial professional and entrepreneurial activities, has provided elements of further qualification to the Association and enriching the service methods with a new, all-female approach,  due to their innate sensitivity.
If clubs want to express in the territory the values of diversity and inclusion must necessarily recognize to women an undeniable different organizational and operational capacity and a human value that Rotary can no longer do without.