Become a Rotary member

How to become a member

In the past, the only way to become a member was that the name of a potential member was reported, through the Secretary of the Club, to the Board of Directors, which used the work of the Membership Committee to verify the possession of all the requirements such as quality and profession covered.

Today there is also the self-nomination and the path is more complex because it is up to the club, in the last instance, to evaluate, during the preliminary meetings, if the candidate possesses the indispensable requirements of every Rotarian that always remain the same: good character,

It is up to the club, in the final analysis, to determine whether the candidate possesses the qualities that are essential to any Rotarian.

Once the candidacy is approved, the prospective member is informed about the history, values, and procedures of the life of the association and to the respect of what the Statute, which is the same for all Rotary Clubs in the world, and to the payment of the membership fee according to the Rules of the club.

The Entrance Ceremony

The entrance ceremony is one of the most solemn moments in the life of the of club and member life.
The protocol provides for a strictly codified ritual in three moments:

  1. The presenting member illustrates the curriculum vitae with the introducing member presents a curriculum vitae with the most salient aspects of his/her personality and activity
  2. The President welcomes the new member with the formula: “‘The community will also judge Rotary through your person … we accept you as a  a member because we are confident that our principles will be safe in your hands …  I present you with this badge and shake your hand in the name of Rotary Fellowship
  3. A statement that the new member will abide by the constitution and bylaws “I will ensure my attendance at meetings … I will accept the duties and I will ensure my presence at meetings … I will accept the tasks and assignments that will be proposed to me, in order to guarantee to the Club that contribution of participation and the contribution of ideas and actions necessary for the realization of programs at the service of our community and the international one.

The solemnity and the sharing with members and relatives make it one of the most touching and involving moments in the life of the club.