June 2020

Service Hospital Al Makassed Jerusalem

Service Hospital Al Makassed Jerusalem

The Rotary Clubs of Milan Nord Ovest  and Ramat Aviv (Israel), with the cooperation of the Istituto Italo Cinese Vittorino Colombo of Milan, contributed with an International Service to support the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem.

In two separate expeditions from Milan and Shanghai to Jerusalem, 5 Saturimeters, 50 visors and 1,400 KN95 masks were donated, for a total of 4,500 euros. Dr. Emanuela Portalupi in Milan and Dr. Huang Yu from the Chinese branch of Intesa SanPaolo and Dr. Valerio Fang Lei in Shanghai collaborated.  Once again, in the spirit of Rotary solidarity, an action was carried out to support children in need, overcoming barriers of different languages, cultures, traditions and nationalities.

In Jerusalem, which had expressed its warm solidarity with Italy from the very beginning of the pandemic, the service started, very significantly, in the period between the eve of the Feast of Shavuòt, which celebrates God’s Gift for Israel and Humanity, and 2 June, the Feast of the Italian Republic.

Responsible for the Project for our Club: Pres. Monsignor Pier Francesco Fumagalli, 29 May – 2 June 2020

Responsible Rotary  Ramat Aviv Club: Pres. Efraim Danieli with Livio Steindler