January 2021

Scholarships “Aldo Spirito” and “Umberto Bonapace”

Scholarships “Aldo Spirito” and “Umberto Bonapace”

The Scholarships “Aldo Spirito” and “Umberto Bonapace” are a project created and implemented by the Rotary Club Milano Nord Ovest since 1989 on the initiative of two historical members of our Club, Aldo Spirito and Umberto Bonapace.

Already in 1987, Aldo Spirito, an engineer, originally from Naples with a Milanese background, had the idea of Project: “Aldo Spirito” and “Umberto Bonapace” Scholarships.

He proposed to the Club’s Board of Directors an initiative that would allow young graduates from southern Italy to spend a period of professional development in Milan, in order to acquire advanced experience that could then be put to use in their region of origin.  His proposal was immediately accepted and in 1988-89 two young southern doctors were able to participate in an important international congress.

To accompany this initiative, in April 1989, the Board of Directors of the Club, accepted the proposal of member Umberto Bonapace to establish “scholarships” to be allocated to the Postgraduate Course in Economics of Tourism at the University of Milan “Luigi Bocconi” under the direction of Professors Carlo Secchi and Magda Antonioli.

This is how this project was born, and our Club still promotes it today with a spirit of continuity.

MET is a program aimed at students who wish to pursue a managerial career or an entrepreneurial activity in tourism and its various sectors (hotels and hospitality, events and conferences, brokerage, transportation and cruises, etc.).

This year, Wednesday, January 26, 2021, the closing ceremony of the academic year 2019/2020 was held online in the presence of Giorgio Palmucci, president of Enit.

The ceremony was attended by two “our” young scholarship holders, Esmeralda Palombo and Riccardo Fascina who graduated by presenting a report on the theme ” The needs for managerial training in the hotelleria: what consequences for future managers in the sector?” and to whom we offer our congratulations.

The theme of the Met chosen for the academic year 2020/2021 is “Tourism Solutions in times of Covid 19”.

We are pleased to announce that our Club has already identified the candidates for the next scholarships.

Responsible of the Project : Magda Antonioli .