September 2021



Eradicate hunger and thirst in the world.

One and a half billion people in the world suffer from hunger. Two and a half billion people have no drinking water. Eight million people (mostly children) die each year from waterborne diseases.

The Aquaplus Program has the ambition to help change this dramatic situation.

MISSION The Aquaplus approach has the primary purpose of obtaining sustainable and lasting results through the motivation, training and involvement of the target population.

Aquaplus is not only a program but also a reality which needs telling in detail, in order to highlight the essential role that this organisation plays to bring water all over developing wordl, Africa in particular.

What makes Aquaplus unique is its added value, the plus in its name, which means not only providing clean water, but also helping the Aquaplus beneficiaries learn how best to use the potential of their environment and set up other activities which may become a source of income.

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